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January 18, 2006


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I haven't had time to listen to it yet. But in my humble little opinion.... the reason more women don't blog is simply because they aren't interested. If they had an interest - they would do it! It's the same reason they don't go into Math and Science fields as much as men.

My daughter - the social butterfly - knows LOTS of young women. On talking to them - self interest (what is important to them) is the driving force in what they do. It's pretty simple really.

OK! Lets admit it. People are different from each other. Some men would be happier if they were women and visa-versa. The point is people who act responsibly should have equal rights. There is reason to believe that women generally have nurturing tendencies than men. Not necessarily but generally. That is why they often make better mothers than do men. So as long as it is constructive here is to people pursuing what gives them satisfation.

Haven't listened to it, don't really care to.

But, really, someone who made a name for herself doing anal sex jokes really, really just shouldn't complain about attacks being sexualised, y'know?

That would carry much more weight if her entire discourse and the form of her comments were not sexualised, is all.

Just one thing. "Wonkette" is not a blogger. She is an employee of Nick Denton.

On Ana's part, shallow strings of banal valley girl musings punctuated by frequent "um"s, "like"s and "y'know"s, and the idea that I should see her as the "victim" of "sexualized attacks" when she is best known as "the cute female blogger who likes to joke about anal sex", left me feeling like I'd spent the last two hours tied, gagged and forced to listen to a coked up cheerleader explaining her thoughts on the theory of relativity.

The only redeeming moments were when Mrs Instapundit took lazy jabs at her just to get her goat.

Helen is very cool.

Does being "attacked in a sexualized way" by a significant other count? :P

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