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December 08, 2006


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Sissy: No "e" on that "Ann". I'm sure it's a typo on the very last one of the update.

Ruth Anne [WITH an e]: Thanks! Correction made. :-)

You are so right. Look at that farce Al Gore and his efforts to be noticed. Having missed the importance of curbing Islamic extremism, he tries to create an end of the world scenario from the natural variation of the earth's temperature.

I finally was able to vote, Sissy, for you of course. But I couldn't get on until 12:05 which means I lost the chance to vote yesterday which was five minutes ago. Will be voting for you everyday.

Laura Lee: Thanks so very much for your support. It means the world to me.

I saw Rummy's farewell speech to Pentagon employees, a wonderful press conference with one of the commanders in the field and an interesting presser with Joey Lieberman and Senator Susan Collins in the wee hours on C-Span. So much interesting food for thought out there. I'm hoping to blog about it soon.

We must continue to hold the press's feet to the fire. Meanwhile, we'll do our best to fill in the gaps.

But there is a relationship, perhaps an inexorable relationship, between what they have each long embraced, and what they are now projecting to the world. Not every candidate for being passed by without a hand right on the wheel of history adopts and threatens such measures. They are not, each of them, a tabula rasa on which has suddenly and miraculously been writ a message of menace -- that has magically morphed out of some longing merely to escape invisibility. No.

They have threaded back, and made an historical connection, based on long ago tribal beliefs, and concluded that they will surely triumph over us on a clash of civilizations level.

They are insane, in other words. But before they are rudely passed by, they will each grasp at the ring based on their belief that they are right. And what could reinforce that belief more than a ratification of it's validity at the highest levels of the American government, by a so-called Council of Elders?

The suggestion should not be that they are, like some terrible twos, merely playing us for attention, and that, therefore, our appropriate long term response is to find a way to give them their propers -- i.e., to negotiate our way out of this present unpleasantness, merely because they have found a tactic or two for disrupting our stirring of their cauldron, right in their midst. The appropriate response is to find a work-around by turning that tactic on them.

I don't think we honestly realize what a position of strength we are in, what potential we have for proceeding. But they do, and that is one reason they are so, shall we say, "vigorous" in their response to us.

The overall point is that they must continue to be taken at their word, and we must continue to insist that they take us at ours.

Little Mr. Ahmadinejad has not only threatened and menaced us, and the hard-earned United Nations statements of condemnation related to his nuclear ambitions. He has declared his intentions, and taken concrete steps to undertake the annihilation of another nation, and all of its people. That is not an appropriate precurser to any movement forward, let alone to making an offer to negotiate with him with one hand tied behind our back.

Sure, a bigger part in the drama of history unfolding is precisely what little Mr. A salivates for. Ditto Assad. But "gifting" to them that enhanced role, by offering to negotiate with either, and at the same time agreeing to do so without our ally at the table, is plainly preposterous.

I totally agree with you, Trochilus. You don't reward "terrible twos" by giving them what they demand.

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