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January 19, 2008


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MSM is a sad remnant of the free press that helped make the fledgling USA a great free country. As far as women's voting, I see nothing to indicate they have any less clue as to what it is all about than their male counterparts.

I'm always so glad when the msm tells me what I think. I'd be way too confused to know otherwise. I had thought that I was more concerned with foreign policy towards Israel and Iraq and Iran than how Hillary is treated by the press.

Color me corrected!

The MSM - a sadly unhinged group... If I see one of them, I cross the street in case he or she decides to suddenly have a meltdown over the stresses of covering the war.

As for Hillary - I saw the same treatment of Carol Mosely Braun when she was running for Senate in IL. Heaven forbid she be questioned! Not to mention criticized. *sigh* I was supposed to vote for her because she was a woman.... I don't think so!

if hillary were as smart as golda meir or margaret thatcher i would vote for her. it has nothing to do with her being a woman, it has to do with her complete lack of experience and then that is the same reason i won't vote for obama. the guy should at least complete one term as a senator and may be hold down a job.

I used to say that women should never have been given the vote back in the sad and sick season of Bill Clinton and my daughters groaned. Now, one is an attorney and the other in lawschool but they are pretty agnostic about politics. Maybe we should amend the "women should never have been given the vote" to "stupid women should never be allowed to vote."

Stupid PEOPLE shouldn't be permitted to vote - and yet they are not interdicted!

This is why the SMART PEOPLE (of which HRC is NOT one in my view) must be sure to vote. If only to cancel out the moronic Kool-Aid drinkers.

Here's the situation as I see it: The Democrats are flagrantly and serially breaking the cardinal primary campaign rule: He may be an s.o.b. but he's OUR s.o.b., so don't damage him/her/it to the point that he's vulnerable in the general election. They are beating the holy peewadden out of each other (which is kind of fun to watch, but somehow unseemly in people who aspire to the Presidency) and forcing all the candidates to spend piles of money - thus leaving the candidate who emerges from this melee damaged to such an extent that they could be easy pickings IF we nominate someone with character and spine and some decent organizational skills!

Meanwhile, this campaign has already lasted twice as long as it should have and still with 10 months to go - the electorate is weary. I'm beginning to think the least ANNOYING candidate is going to win!

I majored in journalism at The Ohio State University in the late 50s/early 60s and NONE of what these so-called media types is doing was EVER TAUGHT there. Someone elsewhere referred to it as the "David Gregory Whining" style of journalism and I think that's as appropriate as any other description.

""Unrelated incidents, or mounting evidence that America's newsrooms have become a breeding ground for murderous, drunk, gun-wielding child molesters?""

giggle giggle...

i watched this movie late at night about vampires, couldn't stop thinking of those partisans pretending to be 'journalists'.

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