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March 16, 2008


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Planning for war is not like planning next fall's curriculum. All participants make misjudgements of the opponent's plans. But those who have the will to persevere and emerge the winner will control the future until the next war. War is one of the manifestations of human nature and periodically is inevitable.

I had the fortune to see Pieta in 2006. I didn't understand sculpture until I saw that piece.

I've always wondered if Muslims would look at it and feel the awe, and the peace that comes from standing there at the moment.

It drove me into a side anteroom to pray.

I don't know who said it - but the truism "all plans fail on first contact with the enemy" has certainly been as true in this war as in any other.

It took a while and most annoyingly it took a "failed" election for the President to decide that maybe we should change tactics. *sigh* I wonder if anything at all would've changed if the Republicans had held control of the House and Senate. It took a shake up to make them move out of their rut and get things turned in the right direction in Iraq. Now they need to have another look at Afghanistan.

No matter what the Pope prays - until the bad guys decide it's not in their favor to keep fighting - the killing won't end. If we retreat, it will only get worse. And Christians will pay the highest price of all.

beautiful post, Sisu.

There is nothing wrong to praying for an end to massacres, nothing wrong to praying for an end to the violence. There is no tension between the US' military aims to support the elected, internationally recognized government of Iraq and the Pope's exhortation for an end to violence.

Hopefully our troops do not hate Iraqis. It is counterproductive to victory for them to do so and certainly against national policy. We're not pro-violence, pro-massacre either so why the reaction against the Pope's prayer?

That would be FM Graf von Moltke:

He also pointed out that, if the enemy has only three available options, it is certain he will choose the fourth.


"All military plans fail upon first contact with reality." - Diggs, General Staff, 4th Infantry Division, Baghdad.
No enemy is needed for any military plan to fail.


as-salaamu 'alaikum Sissy Willis. Thank you for the link. May God Almighty reward you for your good deeds, amin.


Such a wonderful expression, such a savvy post...

Thank you.

Wishing all, you and yours, the mighty readers of the amazing SISU, a brilliant Saint Patrick's Day.

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig !

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