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December 12, 2007


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Congratulations on turning four. Your posts have been so interesting and thought provoking that I thought you had been at this much longer than four years!

Best wishes also on your upcoming birthday - easy for me to remember because we share the date.

Carol Ward

Your four years of blogging have been a joy for me, both to read and a chance to comment.

Oh my!!! I've been gone all day and nearly missed it. A late, but not quite belated Happy Blogoversary!!! *grin*

Wowwww...... congratulations~!!!

Happy 4th Sissy. I have enjoyed every second of your journey and because of you and a few others who encouraged me, I've had a wonderful time blogging myself.

Besides, you introduced 3 new loves to my life (besides you and Tuck): Baby, Tiny and goomp!

Oh yes - and thanks to the Cold Turkey Cookbook, my oh-too-solid bum is slightly (very slightly) less prominent! Could 2008 bring slender Gayle? Hardly. But healthier Gayle is a distinct possibility.

Thanks Sissy. You are AWESOME!

Happy Fourth Bloggy-Versary, Sissy - and Merry Christmas, too, for that matter.

You've been revealing Beauty in Unexpected Places for four years now, an activity that takes insight, a skilled pen (or keyboard), and a discerning eye. May you continue to share your revelations with us.

And of course, the best to Tuck, Baby, Tiny, and goomp, who have to put up with your Regular Bloggy-osity.

I'm late (my life's been all kind of busy) but just want you to know, Sissy, that I have loved reading your blog ever since I discovered it. I remember noticing your name on blogs like Instapundit, and others and when I checked it out I knew I had found a winner. Artistry, whimsy and keen intelligence. Plus, the two beautiful kitties. A great combination. Keep it up please.

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