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September 10, 2007


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In my opinion "liberals tolerate ambiguity and conflict better than conservatives" because their brains don't work. Their starving need to be the ones who know best and the ones who lead the pack rules their conclusions.

As far as I can tell, liberals really are more willing to change their minds on an individual basis to the opinion of the local crowd. That doesn't mean the crowd changes its mind readily.

I'd like to see the results of a study comparing liberal and conservative reactions to the Asch conformity test.

Joseph -- In my experience, no group marches in greater lockstep to the party line than members of the leftist elites of academia and the media.

Truly, Sissy is the Queen of the Segueway.

Bird Dog: Everything relates. :-)

I don't know that Conservatives "block" information so much as, they expect to have little things like facts used to support a reason for changing their minds.

Without good logic, there is no reason to pay attention to what the crowd might believe. After all, the crowd has at various times believed that

-- the earth was flat
-- the earth was the center of the universe
-- the liver being upside down was the reason for sickness
-- people of color were not intelligent

I think that's enough examples. The crowd is wrong more often than not because they rely on feelings to make decisions. When we allow the crowd to run the world rather than using intelligence and facts to help us make the best decisions, the end result is generally horrible and bloody...

I'd as soon listen to Sulloway's opinion on such matters as stick my hand into a running garbage disposal. I knew the man some years ago, through a family connection, and he is one of the most arrogant and inflexible people I've ever met. This wind-baggery is typical of him.

My late father cleared my mind permanently when he told me that "figures lie and liars figure". Haven't trusted a pollster since then!

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