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November 26, 2004


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The light creates the beauty, but it takes a discerning eye to look for it in those "unexpected places." And then to capture it.

Well done, once again, Sissy.

Thank you, sir. :)

This is a great site. How do I get it all the time?


Thank you for your beautiful turkey broth through the window shot. I love the lighting. There isnt a week that goes by that I dont stop to look at something because of the way the light is touching it. I silently thank my photography teacher each time. Once you learn the beauty of lighting, you cant believe that you went all this time without noticing it before

Thanks, April. Your work is most arresting. :-)

I stumbled upon your website from a link at Michelle Malkin. Your name jumped out at me...could you possibly be the Sissy Willis from Lincolnton, NC? Can't believe there may be two of you!!
Best Regards, Julia

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