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September 27, 2005


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What a fantastic post, Sissy! As always, I'm impressed and reminded why you're one of my absolute favorite writers (and not just 'cause you tossed me the linky love)! ;-)

Thanks for the lovely words, Beth, and thanks for all you do to keep the homefires burning. :)

A true picture of the way it is. Islam has begun an undeclared war on the rest of the world. They see Western Civilization with its fragmented, overindulgent culture as the soft underbelly and believe they can defeat us. They will be right if the ignorant intellectual morons among us can persuade us that all we have to do is support peace.

So what is it with these people and wanting to be carted off like a sack of potatoes? *grin*

You've nailed it! It's hard to remember the grieving mother when watching the glory hound. Practically perfect post.

Sissy, you are amazing. You express so eloquently in words and pictures what I can't even hint at to myself sometimes in my own mind.

A friend who's stationed at Abu Ghraib is on leave, currently visiting us. He says that though the insurgency (and laughs at that term) really wants the prison back, they aren't going to get it. We've got them way outgunned. Though it aggravates him, he's not too surprised at the slant of media coverage. He just gets tired at explaining that we are doing good there and that, no, he's not making it up.

I am Generation X. I am quite successful financially, and have earned my way to the top through good old-fashioned hard work. I am hardly a remnant of a '60's peace movement. I wasn't even born until after 1970. I am a law-abiding citizen, and am fiercely Patriotic. I believe in the American Way. I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. I believe in the hard-won Freedoms which our Founding Fathers drafted into these two documents after the American Revolutionary War. I believe in our national response to stop the despotism and dictatorial aggression of the Nazis and Japanese Imperialism in World War II. I fly our flag with respect. Several of my family members have served in the Armed Forces.

And I am TOTALLY AGAINST the War in Iraq. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for being whitewashed into believing that this war is about combating the War on Terror. This war is about securing oil-fields for the corporate elite. This war is about us becoming the Imperialists. This war is about us becoming the tyrants. Open your eyes.

There is no 9/11 - Iraq connection. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Do your homework and read the 9/11 Commission's report. And then read Errors and Ommissions which was published shortly thereafter. The Federal Government not only had advance warning of the attacks, as part of standard procedure they should have immediately scrambled fighters to intercept and destroy these aircraft before they were used to take the lives of thousands. I have no time for arguments postulated by idiots like yourselves who are too lazy to do the research and instead believe everything that is spoon-fed to them on CNN and Fox News. Imbeciles.

I am American and willing to put my life on the line to defend the principles of this country, and you shall see that there are thousands of us will do just that should the government overstep its bounds and fall into the hands of those who wish to exercise dictatorial and tyrannical power. Samuel Adams. Patrick Henry. Paul Revere. George Washington. Benjamin Franklin. James Madison. Those are the real American heroes. Not these fools we have in the White House of today.

I would be willing to bet that close to none of you are familiar with the Constitution, and how you threw our liberties out the window with the passage of the Patriot Act.

And now that our liberties have evaporated before our eyes, God help us if they ever break up the NRA with gun control laws, for that will truly be the end of America, and the beginning of Amerika.

Why don't you people start thinking for yourselves and wake up before it's too late.

You should be ashamed to call yourself Americans. Period.

Ah yes, the old turn it around and call everyone who disagrees with you names.

Not very grown up behaviour.

I think you need to educate yourself a little and quit putting all your energy into hating President Bush.

Go read VDH for a few days. He is a democrat so you should listen to his view of things at least.


Papa Ray
West Texas

Hey, you have a great blog here! I will definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a Resourcefull site/blog. It pretty much covers the related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Recently, I chucked all that mess and decided that I would get not one but two cats. Not having time, space nor energy for the needs of a dog was no reason to remain without a pet. I went to the humane shelter where I found Scout and Atticus, and I can't tell you how happy I am that I did. They are house- trained (but I'm well aware that there will be hairballs from time to time, and stinky litter pans to clean regularly); they cuddle with me and with each other; they run and chase each other through the...

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