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April 29, 2009


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5-7 years ago, I saw something in Vogue Knitting regarding the Jumper Project. They made a point of advising readers not to send anything, as nothing was needed. Is curious that this is cropping up again. Will find the source in my flat file in the basement if needed.

Obama the leader of the sick society.

Penguins aren't really human friendly I've been told! So no matter how adorable they might be - I'd be reluctant to get up close and personal with one.

There's an old saying around my house that goes" "When in doubt, turn the television OFF!"

Why do people persist in thinking that animals are people with fur or feathers... Good grief! So they knit these "cute" little sweaters and then who gets to go around putting them on the birds? How about taking them off the birds? Or even making sure the birds don't get them caught on something and die trying to escape!

I don't suppose it ever occurred to them to knit sweaters for poor children who live in the north and might be in need of warmth they can't afford. Then again, maybe they do and they are now at a loss for projects.

I didn't turn the tv on until much later to watch the end of the baseball game. It's far more intelligent conversation when they talk about base runners than it is when The One talks about how he'll: save the economy, run GM, cure swine flu, keep an eye on how governors are spending money... etc, etc, etc.

Amen to everything you said, Teresa. You're one very smart cookie!

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