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September 12, 2018


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Hi Sissy, As you probably recall, Libertarian Leanings tended to look at politics through the lens of economics, seen through which leftist politics becomes little more than a business model that touts taxpayer dollars as its product. Leftist jargon and obfuscation are tactical, intended to defeat liberty and the most reprehensible of its manifestations, capitalism.

So lately I've been thinking that enemies of America have learned the lessons of World Wars I & II: America was (and still is) an industrial powerhouse with and astonishing ability to mobilize for war, to convert from automobile to tank production, and that is what won the wars. Power and wealth are the unintended consequences of freedom and capitalism. If America is to be defeated, freedom and capitalism must be defeated.

Progressive promotion of tribalism, through promotion of diversity and revisionist history, is aimed at peeling away support for, and pride in, America. A recent poll shows that a majority of millennials say that would prefer to live in a socialist, communist, or fascist system rather than in a capitalist system. We see the fruits of an education system that promotes ignorance in its holy quest to bring down capitalism, which is its euphemism for defeating America.

The point is, America has to be defeated from within and our enemies know this. Not that the millenials are our enemies. But I'd suggest that their ignorance serves as a weapon created by our enemies and used in the war on America. The defense against it is more information, not less. Our enemies know this, and they can be identified by their propensity to censor.

It's been a long time since my last visit, Sissy. I hope you and yours are well. It's quite an odd coincidence that I happened by on a day that you happen to put up a blog post after a long hiatus. I see also that it's a sad anniversary for you. Belated condolences.

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