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December 12, 2009


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I love Shatner; he always seems to have an unshakable zest for life that I admire.

Never saw Boston Legal, but I'll be sure to hunt it down now. ;)

Did you notice the applause when Sarah came on stage? Huge.

It should be noted that there are photos of Shatner with Palin before the taping, so Shatner's "surprise" was just part of the show. Still, very very funny, and, yes, that sustained applause did not go unnoticed.

It's also worth pointing out how deadly Palin's good humor at those mocking her is proving to be, and she almost seems to get more amused as the attacks get ever more vicious. This is the perfect weapon against a bunch as humorless as the modern-day left. I really think an ObiWan-ish 'tipping point' of sorts has been reached, whereby the more Sullivan-esque attacks are launched against her, the more popular she will become.

The smart thing for her opponents to do would be to dismiss her as a simple gadfly, and move on. This they cannot or will not do, because they cannot help themselves, and their hatred of those who have the gall to disagree with them (especially one who is just a lowly "peasant" from Wasilla) is as a narcotic to them.

So they drown themselves in their own bile, and Sarah just smiles and winks.

That's a good show.

(Not that Shatner is a Palin-hater, I don't think he is, he's just having fun, as is Palin.)

The best Denny Crane moment was when he was being interviewed as a potential candidate for the GOP. Look for it on YouTube. It is priceless and classic Shatner. I have always loved Captain Kirk. My husband used to say "Captain Kirk drop kicked his way across the Star Trek Universe". Cheers.

A huge ovation for Palin -- in a pure blue redoubt.

Give her a few more years of seasoning and she might be an American Thatcher.

She'll need to get that chip off her shoulder first.

Just saying...

Who has a chip on her shoulder? It wasn't Palin. She was funny. Some liberal entertainers can be funny too. Not Desiderius. At least not intentionally.

Thanks for all the great comments:

Pam: Right up your alley. You'll LOVE it!

Timestigator: I DID notice, and so will the less virulent Palin deniers.

Andrew X: It's true. Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers cannot help themselves vs Shatner, who, as you say, is just having fun.

femstalbert: I remember seeing Denny Crane's hilarious GOP candidate episode but couldn't find it on YouTube. If you do find it, let me know and I'll post a link in your comment.

Machine Gun: An American Thatcher. I can dig it. 'Have posted your comments in an update.

Desiderius: Thanks for stopping by. I agree with Jon that Sarah let the chips fall where they may, and there were none on her shoulder.

Minor note: DRJ is a she. :)

John Hitchcock: Thanks for the heads up. Pronoun now feminized. :)

Femstalbert, Sissy Willis: Is this the Denny Crane clip you mean?

Excellent post. Thank you for the link.

Sarah strikes at the heart of the left's insecurities, especially the marxist/feminist crowd and the urban girlymen. Normal political disagreements don't drive this kind of hatred; being exposed as a fraud does. Sarah's accomplishments show just how phoney these people are.

Everwyck: Thanks for the link! That's the one. Wicked delicious!!!

DRJ: You're most welcome. I was enchanted with the commenters' discussion at your own most excellent post.

Tempus Fugit: A brilliant analysis. You've said it all. :)

I'm a day late, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Bloggy-Versary. Sissy, you've got sisu aplenty... and it's always a pleasure to stop by and admire your ways with words and images.

I agree with Elisson; Sissy you are a treasure to us all.

As to Shatner v. Palin - delightful all the way. The thing of it is - the left is SO humorless, so earnest, so santimoniously sure of its own rectitude and intelligence that they come across as (and are) just plain dumb for the most part! They think that if we just do as they wish, the world will be a better place and that they, and only they, have all the answers when - in truth - they have NONE because they operate from "feelings" instead of common sense and reasoned, critical thinking.

Love to you Sissy, Tuck, the exceptionally lovely Ms. Tiny and have a Merry Christmas y'all!

Elisson & Gayle: Thanks for lovely sentiments. Good material for the kudos column at right! :)

So ... does this mean that when Shatner recorded Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds it was self-deprecating humor?

That changes everything for me.

David. Calm down, son. What is your point again?

Dear Aunt Sissy -

Happy happy Birthday! Hoping all is well with you. Enjoy your day, darling. It seems we'll be visiting in April, 2010 for Meggie's birthday - see you soon!

Love to Tuck,

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