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February 11, 2005


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That's quite a lot of food for thought, and yet it makes perfectly simple sense. It explains why even the best progressive advocates and causes are so readily debunked by those of us on the center-right who are hardly policy or debate experts. It ties together some thoughts I've been having about the liberal movement on one hand, while forcing an examination of TTLB biodiversity and applied digital darwinism on the other.

This is my favorite kind of blog post as a reader; one that makes you think far after you've finished reading it.
Thank you.

It's always exciting when somebody realizes that economists and biologists and computer software designers are talking about the same stuff. For me that came in college some 20 plus years ago. And then there's the second moment, when you find out Darwin based his work on Adam Smith, where you find out we used to know this but forgot. Evolution is a characteristic of systems theory, not something that's limited to biology. Karl Hess Jr's books tell this story well, bionomic is a little better known.
It's funny how the people screaming about opposition to anti-evolution in georgia textbooks are the same people who want to leave markets out of public policy.
Still, I think you may have a straw-man of the left or are giving too much credit to the right. Certainly any card-carrying marxist insists that economic forces drive history. They tend to be weak about Austrian economics as a force for change, driving us toward the singularity. But so are some on the right.

Well said. I guess that's why there's a sea change every 30 years or so (had to throw in the sea metaphor!)

Well said. This constant flux of newness and decay, in a free society, makes sure we eventually land on our feet. The newness of the '60s Left, which then morphed into the mass left of popular culture, forced the right to change, too, and so we are in ascendence right now.

You're right about the sea change. Check this out for what the right was up to while the left was making a lot of noise and resting on its laurels: http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/2005/05/quottoday_not_o.html

Limited resources? Perish the thought! Milk and cookies for all courtesy of the wealthy who'll be made to pay their fair share!


I too am a fan of Sowell. Of all the books I have more have his name on it than any other.

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