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January 17, 2008


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The Pope's message is filled with wisdom and Daniel Boorstin tells what is wrong with so much of conceited and vainglorious academia.

The radical students don't want dialog - that would mean actual "thought" must go into listening and formulating a response. Why do that when it's so much easier and more enjoyable to just shout someone down?

The funniest part is - the radicals are like the Emperor with no clothes, believing implicitly in their own intelligence even when the lack is so very easy to see.

If all we listen to are people who share our opinions, we end up living in an echo chamber: not healthy or well-informed, and lacking a stereoscopic view of the world around us.

BTW, that photo of Tiny is remarkable. Those eyes sparkle with life. And who but Sissy Willis can ennoble life's detritus, finding beauty in a Midden-Heap? Unexpected places, indeed.

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