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April 18, 2009


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Bob Hope said it all. Not every Democrat knows what he or she does but the liberal leaders are the monsters. Thank god for AK.

Sissy, thanks for letting me know about Mr Klavan! And a big thank you to Mr Klavan!

That's a good line from Bob Hope. Do you recall the line from Day the Earth Stood Still (the original, not the lame remake)? Patricia Neal's boarders are arguing around the breakfast table, and one man is castigating the government in fierce terms. His wife tries to moderate his language "They're human beings, after all.." to which he snaps "Nonsense! They're Democrats!"

Cuckoo: I hadn't realized. Those were the days, when Hollywood could call a rat a rat! :-)

goomp, behind every zombie raising, there's one or more necromancers. You can kill zombies all night, but until the zombie raiser is gone you just won't run out...

SDN, that's actually a very creepy thought. How do we (to mix un-dead metaphors) drive a stake through the hearts of the zombie raisers?

A fine post, however, to be fair...

GW Bush was Our last Great President.

""In 1981 our last great president, Ronald Reagan, cut tax rates and slowed the growth of government,""

Well, actually, the hero we reference as the Gipper enabled Social Security with the big Democratic Party Chief named TIP, and we are paying for this greatly today.

GW Bush at least tried to reform the entitlement problem, which mandates massive government spending on whoever is in Office.

The great Presidency of Ronald Reagan was focused on priorities, like winning the Cold War, just as GW Bush became focused on winning to the GWOT.

Both had to compromise on a number of issues, to maintain support for the essential focus of their Presidencies.

In fact, after the foolish empowerment of Pelosi and Reid in the 2006 Midterms by Americans, one can consider the resolve and ability of President Bush to maintain the fight in Iraq to ensure success, the stuff of a Reaganesque Legendary effort.

The fashion which is glossing over the reality, like ignoring Mr. Reagan grew a 4.5% deficit of GDP spending, vs. Mr. Bush growing a 2.5 deficit of GDP spending, is hurting the Reagan Legacy within the GOP, which was his proud Party of choice.

One has accepted the worst image of the Republicans, (certainly frustration is understandable with any Politician), with a misguided perception of perfection in the past.

How could any not realize the positive context of most foolhardy effort today in comparison to the past Republican effort?

Even with their overt spending, they still would be far - far - far more preferable than what we see today in the Democratic Party.

I agree with you 100 percent Sisu - we must all go vegan. Meat is murder.

I'm sure watching the news on TV extended my recent hospital stay! They were intent on lowering my blood pressure; after watching a news broadcast, my BP spiked some! So I quit watching the news because until it was lower, I couldn't get sprung! And Sam the Wonder Cat was missing me.

Speaking of the undead, check out Dracula v. Obama at the awesome 4-Block World.

I'm back. I survived. I missed all the fun but I survived.

I totally agree with you Sissy about our last great President. While no President is 100% to our liking, at least Reagan did more than any other to create a great impetus for our nation to succeed.

Sadly, while George Bush was certainly all for national security, he never met a spending bill he would veto and he never never never made an effort to get his own message out. One of the most frustrating things ever. (sorry - making the rounds and talking to the troops, while nice, doesn't count)

Reagan had zero mainstream press support, but went around them and beat them hands down at their own game. Bush didn't even try - he left it to bloggers. Not to mention, it took losing both houses of Congress before he finally made significant changes in the Defense Department and brought about success in Iraq.

Iraq now becomes a success - but far too late - the media have been left to run wild and tell their lies... the damage is done. All for lack of communication... even badly worded communication.

Bush left the door wide open for the zombies to stroll in. And they did.


Can we win against them now? I guess we'll see.

could not disagree with Teresa more...

Bush did not even try?

that is simply silly in every aspect.

Teresa's comments resemble a fashionable mindset that only is making matters worse, but not being objective about the past.

Bush tried endlessly to speak directly with the American People, but was far more heavily slandered and demeaned then even President Reagan.

In fact, some Conservative Pundits were part of the problem. Hyperbole run amuck...

No one will ever be able to be compared to the Legendary Gipper, and it is unfair to do so.

But the Bush Administration did try indeed.

Fashion is something enabling a disastrous, corrupt, misguided Democrat Party.

WFB used to empower sound policy with the facts.

How on Earth could anyone say the success in Iraq is far too late?

Are we more concerned with popular fashion, than results? Are we more concerned with political image, than the liberty of millions formerly oppressed and the building of an impressive Democracy which is helping to fight Radical Jihadists in the heart of the ME?

This is exactly what I mean by fashion...

Bush did not leave the door wide open, the zombies are an aggressive bunch of liars, who slandered their way in, and a vast number of Americans meekly ceded their entrance.

It was bloggers who made a great deal of hyperbole, only later to be proven wrong, absolutely wrong.

Ronald Reagan's success, like that in Iraq, had the appearance of victory come long after he left the Office.

The Wall fell years after the Gipper was in Office. Was that too late as well?

The reality is, Ronald Reagan spent enough to create a massive 4.5% deficit of our GDP, GW Bush had spent enough to create a deficit of 2.5% of our GDP.

Ronald Reagan spent to win a Cold War, and enabled a great deal of mandatory Governmental Entitlements with the Democrats in Congress. GW Bush did the same, trying to empower a number of aspects in the GWOT. Bush's resolve in winning in Iraq was the stuff of Legends as well, even if his Administration could have been more focused on reductions in spending.

However, in a post 9-11 environment, facing the most unethical level of partisan vitriol in the biased MSM we have ever witnessed in Modern History (no, Ronald Reagan was not even treated this poorly by those pretending to be journalists), the Bush Presidency proved to be outstanding.

The fashion suggesting otherwise, is only empowering the vapid DNC.

We all want better government, with less spending, but not being objective about reality, the failures of the Reagan Administration (like Lebanon), the positives about the Bush Administration (like the AIDS relief funding), is only making matters far worse.

Thank you - nice to know I'm silly. I see no point in getting into a prolonged argument in comments of a post over the merits or lack thereof of Presidents past.

Mr. Bush was certainly a better option than the alternative in either election. That does not mean I agree with everything he did while in office. Would Gore or Kerry have been worse? Absolutely. But it does not logically follow that this makes Bush an excellent President.

If that makes me silly then so be it. I didn't like everything Reagan did either although in the grand scheme of Presidents I have been alive to witness he stands head and shoulders above all the others. I guess that makes me even more incredibly silly - continuing to hold to my opinion after you have declared otherwise.

Therefore, in my silliness, I bow to your superior intellect and let you win the comment section. Congratulations.

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