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May 12, 2008


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Thanks for a view of President Bush that explains the sincere person that he is. A view that the MSM is totally unaware of.

Those who have met his mother can see her beneficent influence clearly in the son. And GWB's daughters are clearly the result of extraordinary parenting from mother and father.

Okay - I got off track during the recent period of unsatisfyingly temporary jobs (too depressed to think about planning intelligent meals) but the one thing I did do throughout the period was to cut off all eating about 4 p.m. daily - even on weekends. That way I felt in no way confined during the day, and yet went to bed without a load of food in my stomach which actually led to me sleeping more soundly.

Now that I'm back on the full time, well paid grind (not really such a grind given how great this job really is), I have decided to print out the entire Cold Turkey Cookbook and go for it!

Here's another tip for those who tend to eat lunch at their desks (as I do): Put it on a nice plate if you can and eat your lunch with deliberation and maximum enjoyment. And I make every effort to take at least 20 minutes where I'm not cranking out documents. My trick is to buy really pretty single plates at garage and yard sales (seldom paying more than 25 cents and usually more like 10 cents) and using them at the office. If they get broken, not a huge loss. But they make eating lunch at your desk much more satisfying! I also cook ahead on weekends so that there's no excuse for me not bringing my lunch.

Hopefully this too solid flesh will begin to melt away again!

It's really interesting to read about Bush in this light. He is indeed "colorblind". But did it really help all of us, really? In the big scheme of things, no. My friends, family embrace the greatness of what is happenning in this country. Obama rocks.

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