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March 27, 2008


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It sounds like the price of pork is not set by a free enterprise market in Merry Old England. Let us face it: Humans can be very stupid. Oil is being used to produce plants to make alcohol causing a shortage of oil. Numb heads oppose nuclear power which could reduce the dependence on oil. A catastrophic destruction of free society awaits. Life has become too easy and the nutcake liberals think government planning is the answer to all problems. Take it from the past experience of mankind, civilization is at a crisis. Unless the ideals that made The U S A great are followed the future of this country is dismal.

I think I'll have a BLT and think on all this while eating it.

"Pork fat rules!" - the gospel according to Emeril Lagasse (and me).

We had pork chops for dinner last night... they were yummy. And there's nothing better than pulled pork done in the crockpot. (okay I'm hungry)

I'm not sure how they get themselves out of this dilemma - but I think it won't be long before Britain will be importing their pork. That's a shame for them and for the farmers.

Isn't it funny - the real crisis in feeding the population of the world isn't going to be from over population (as was told to us continually when I was young), but by trying to turn food into gasoline for cars... how dumb is that. A car without gas just doesn't run - a person without food dies. (then again I'm sure the lefties would prefer it that way as it would mean fewer people mucking up the planet)

Charlotte's Web was the first book I read (way back when I was 7) that I fell in love with and it started my life long love of reading. *grin*

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