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October 11, 2007


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Whew! Thought I'd taken too much NyQuil for a second there... ;)

NOW THIS IS WORTHWHILE STUFF. Pictures of Tiny and Baby ALWAYS make sense!

I'm going through a period of adjustment with the Sam fella! He has figured out how to go out onto the screened porch through his doggie door (he's a big kitty) but it hasn't occurred to him yet that he can return to the house via the same method! Therefore, each night when I come home from work, I find this pink-nosed and very sad little face staring at me through the dining room sliding doors. I patiently walk into the master bathroom again and show him how to come into the house via the kitty door. He stares at me. Then he stares at it. And then, after about 5 minutes, I give in and open the French doors to the porch so he can come in and use his litter box and eat some food!

Don't y'all think I'm well trained?

You ARE well trained, but it works both ways. Have you tried placing a bowl of the big guy's favorite eats just inside the doggie door? :-)

I love that animated GIF effect - I've used it myself, but never on such a becoming subject. Brilliant!

Oh my gosh Sissy! Sabby sits with me often while I am on the computer but he is fixated on your Tiny! I've sat with him watching Tiny for about four minutes! Entertainment for us both!

Isn't it interesting that many cats like warm, flat, hard surfaces? Sabby's favorite spot is on top of the scanner. He manages to turn it on and off often and has started scanning while I was in the midst of writing on my blog. Ornery boy.

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