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May 26, 2005


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You KNOW Arianna adores you, but please do not form a habit of putting her lovely Photoshops up. Her undocumented minions work on them for days in her basement sweatshop.

Look what happened to that nasty little "Full of Crap" man.

Goodness. I had no idea. I myself LOVE it when other blogs pick up my Photoshops, as long as proper credit and links are given -- isn't appropriating (and recycling for one's own purposes) others' creative output the very essence of blogging? But no matter, I shall honor your wishes. Thanks for stopping by :)

Intriguing, Reynolds apparently has no reflection. Now where have I read about that?

Love huffingtontoast. I read the original a couple of times just to see what it was, and if it was really as bad as everyone thought it would be - it is.

But this is far, far, better. I do feel a bit bad about Ann and Glenn, but not too bad. Fame is fame.

Today, I was reading about Tom Cruise and his trying to get Mel Gibson to give up his Catholicism for Scientology. Scary stuff (esp. if you lived through the copyright misuse by that group a decade ago).

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