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December 01, 2006


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You are uncanny! We at the 910 Groups were discussing possible logos for the CPC, and the "shining city on the hill" was what we figured we wanted to do.

Thanks for your kind words, and the reference to Miss Lazarus.


May the swell which you have brought to our attention grow to a huge reaffirmation of what created "The Shining City on a Hill". The efforts of you and your compatriot bloggers have begun to move the wave.

"The last, best hope of man on earth," and so we are. Continue your good work to alert the people.


Beautiful post, Sissy.

Take one enormous Messianic complex, add multiple parts Red Dawn bravado, streak liberally with chickenhawk, fold in generous doses of Der Sturmer, shake and bake and what do you get? The contents of the "B" ark in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Please leave the telephone sanitizers on your way out.

Well done, Sissy, and well said. Extraordinary insight and sensitivity and a welcome hearkening back to The Gipper who was so much more than the man his detractors scorned so viciously.

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