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August 29, 2008


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I agree that Hillary Rodham Clinton is in pertinent part an enormous factor in this choice, but let's give Governor Palin some credit for being an extraordinary woman who will make this a real race. I cannot wait for the vice presidential debates when, I suspect, Governor Palin will clean Senator Biden's bloviating clock! For that alone, we should vote for John McCain in abject gratitude.

"I am especially proud to say in the week that we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage, a devoted wife and a mother of five..." -- I'm not sure this is exactly what the women's suffrage movement was all about.

Hehehehe !

It is fun...

But I don't think Hillary has much to do with it.

GENDER has a lot to do with it, but that is why politically correct placation artists cause such concern.

Ignoring substance over populist gimmicks, like Global Warming Diatribe.

Obama might have far more to do with the Palin choice, needing to place an historic offering on the other side.

But probably the Conservative BASE had the most to do with the choice.

McCain alone was suffering from a lack of support from within the Republican Party.

After having been warned, by many about his desire to choose Lieberman, Senator McCain had only a few choices.

Romney or Palin for the most part, would help inspire the base.

We know McCain couldn't handle a successful CEO, proven on economics, who is more handsome, youthful, studied, taller, etc., on the same stage.

Maybe the fine Gov. Palin was simply chosen, because she is SHORTER than the Maverick!

I don't buy into the Hillary having paved the way for anyone.

Sec. Rice?


Sandra Day O'connor?


Hillary's Campaign was a disaster, and quite ugly.

Lies about Sniper Dodging, Tax Records, NAFTA support, Irish Peace Process involvement, votes on the Iraq War, etc., only diminished the Candidate (and regretfully the amazing GENDER she claimed to represent).

I prefer to believe Ms. Palin quickly rose, because she is real, genuine, sound, capable, savvy, proven, and an honest American, with tremendous Family support.

No, in my humble opinion, knowing so many amazing WOMEN, it wasn't Hillary's doing, but Gov. Palin who is credited with this fine opportunity.

Sarah Palin is kind of a pioneer Audrey Hepburn in boots. A fantastic choice by John McCain and it reflects directly on him. Watching the rally in Dayton yesterday was really an exciting moment. I found myself applauding many comments Sarah Palin made. Her husband, Todd and her whole family are adorable. Being a glasses wearer ever since the seventh grade I appreciate Sarah's spectacles. She is not too vain to wear them!!!

Sarah Palin certainly adds spirit and talent to the race. Now to try and educate those who think government has a talent for directing our lives rather than being an impediment to fulfillment.

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