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October 17, 2006


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A most encouraging view. The left has become too soft. Maybe the general public will support a strong USA that eliminates dictators and other fascists.

i don't have the time right now to follow up your post's links, but the essay itself hits some of the central issues raised by the al durah case, since it was his image that allowed the dogmatic left to take over and silence all opposition... eg at Durban where al durah's dad came in arafat's jet and his son, paraded in effigy was the patron saint of that hate-fest.
part of modernity is being able to restrain emotional reactions long enough to judge whether they are justified. some people may end up losing the ability to feel again, some may refuse to give up the immediate gut feeling. maybe that's the current distinction btw right and left. my feeling is that a genuinely progressive person (ie one who feels that elites should think and feel compassionately about their own people and their neighbors) is someone capable of both reasoning and feeling.
if you're 20 and not messianic, you have no heart.
if you're 40 and still messianic, you have no head.
and if you're 60 and haven't gotten the two to talk, you're lazy.
many of the least lazy people i know right now are in the blogosphere.

"The press is the eyes and ears of a functioning civil society, and no creature whose eyes and ears deceived it has ever survived for long."

so true and so very well done again.

thank you.

i watched Mr. Mirengoff on C-Span this morning. a rare free moment, stumbling upon it, surfing the cable news today.

what struck me, is how vapid the Democrat partisan offering was, to this conversation.

all about simply 'being for change', against GW Bush, and generic claims of corruption.

no clear insight into what to do in the GWOT.

i wanted to ask, after the failures in Socialism around the Globe, why Democrats insist upon overt taxation, but i imagined my question would only incite a 'republicans bad' response.

(* or the mindless, 'tax cuts help the wealthy')

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