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November 26, 2005


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Woo hoo!

Congrats, Sissy.

Congratulations, Sissy!

I think that N.Z. Bear must be tweaking the algorithms again to defeat the latest round of system-gaming and linkwhoring. "enrevanche" just achieved "Large Mammal" status this past week, though about two thousand positions down the list from your regal perch. :-)

...and this morning, suddenly I'm a Flappy Bird... though my *numerical ranking has gone up*... and you're still a Large Mammal, but in position 500-something now...

Big doings over in the Ecosystem, methinks.


"11/28/05 Early AM
Ecosystem maintenance is currently in progress. Do not be alarmed. Breathe deeply. Don't panic!"

Hee. Need more coffee.

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