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September 06, 2007


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Thank you!! I love the way you've organized it... very much appreciated! :D

Pam: Thank YOU for lighting a fire under my tail. Now get out into the kitchen and cook something for someone! :-)

Okay, now I am hungry again...


Thanks for the amazing recipes.


Thanks - did you forget your easy, yet outstanding potato salad? Steamed potatoes with garlic, mayo and tarragon, as I recall - it was outstanding with the Spring Chicken. Don't sell short the appeal of simple combinations of great flavors. Most recipes call for boiling the spuds in water, but steaming made all the difference.

Carol Ward

Carol: Thanks for reminding me of my Potato Salad recipe! How could I have forgotten? I shall add it to the index at once. :-)

'Have also added Chelsea Baked Beans.

Wow, I know you've been posting them for a while, I didn't realize quite how many recipes you've created!!! Congratulations! I think we should put you on the food network. *grin*

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