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dear Ms. Willis (Sissy, if I may)

Thank you very much for your note, your referrals, and your own efforts in the furthering of enlightenment in the blogosphere.

It took me actually a fair bit of time to get the Michael Kelly piece up on my site http://semper-fido.blogspot.com/ and I'm glad that it's being looked at. I was shocked that, at the time, it was nowhere to be found on the Whole Wide World of the World Wide Web.

I endeavored to buy the book on Amazon. I copied it and did OCR on it to get it into a Word document format. I had to do a fair amount of editing because the OCR makes lots of errors, making some of it into nonsense otherwise.

how did you get into blogging?

Thank you for your efforts



Thank you for posting this

A key document about the Hillary of the Clinton administration, possibly of the 20th century entirely.


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