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December 23, 2012


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Merry Christmas Sissy to you and yours and to the gorgeous Little Kitteh!

Merry Christmas Sissy!

Merry Christmas to Little Kitteh from his "cousins" Buddy and Rusty who have been renamed "Hoover" and "Dyson" based on their latest eating habits!

We all 3 love all of the Willis clan, two and four-legged.

So good to see a new Sisu post!

"Meowy" Christmas to Sissy and Little Kitteh from their furry friends in New Haven-- Kette, Diana, and foster kitteh Colette. And a blessed New Year to everyone in Chelsea!

...And a belated Happy New Year. I had just about given up on this site, but - kittehs!

Miss you, Sissy and family! Happy New Year!

For Sisu I say "Requiescat in Pace" -
And on Twitter's belt let us carve one more notchy.
To write a whole blogpost is way too much work,
So let's pull the plug: Fill this hole in with dirt.

Ave atque vale!

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