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July 28, 2012


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Those who hate what America has been seem to rule the media.

Maybe I don't understand "Trackback", but when I tried to use that URL it gave me "1 Trackback pings must use HTTP POST". So, I used the URL at the top.


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Hmm. Not sure how that works in blogspot. Thanks, again, for the niced link! :)


Bah. The fact that the IOC permitted the tribute to the July 7 victims but (pointedly) did not allow for recognition of the Munich massacre's victims during the opening ceremonies still sticks in my craw. What a slap in the face for the families of the athletes and coaches murdered by the Black September terrorists, who were killed specifically because they were Jews. Sure, there was a moment of silence... in front of - what? - maybe 100 people, not the billion who should have been reminded that evil still walks the earth.

Alas, the IOC still bears the stink of Avery Brundage's hateful legacy.

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