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November 24, 2011


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Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tuck, LK and the rest. We think of you often.

Once you sent me a hug when I was feeling down and sad. You can't have known how much it meant to me that day and today I'd like to return it you. Hugs! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving God Bless.

Nice to see how much Little Kitteh is brightening your life. Joy can make loss even more bittersweet sometimes, can't it?

PS--My daughter calls my in-laws Gooma and Goompa.

LK receives the first in a series of lessons on the meaning of "Alpha Cat" from the ever gorgeous Purky.

My two hooligans had a lovely Thanksgiving because I took their soused Uncle Stu over to my sister's for Thanksgiving! So they had a little peace and quiet and a break from mommy's stress. Then Uncle Stu left to return to Mexico on Friday morning so now the entire house is stress free!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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