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November 01, 2011


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She is a kitty to behold.

What a cutie pie!

She reminds me of another feline member of our family, Charlotte the Kitchen Cat!

Sissy, your Little Kitteh and my young Toby (aka The Big Tobowski) are 2 of a kind.

Toby will present himself in the same manner, positioned Top/Center of whatever you're doing with the same "What a blessing I'm bestowing on you" attitude!

And that's why we love them.

New from my household - Buddy has been occupied seducing my temporary roommate, cousin Stuart, engaging in an effort to create a new staff member, whilst Rusty is using the moment of inattention to further cement his loving and purring relationship with me. Rusty is now sleeping with me and has decided that curling up against my hip is a good thing! All is well at my residence, with Rusty sitting on the arm of my recliner and placing the rest of his beautiful, furry orange self onto my lap - presenting himself for serious petting. Cuddling he doesn't do, but PURRING is another story! That he does do.

Little Kitteh is adorable. I'm so glad you have him in your life and he is so lucky to be there!

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