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September 02, 2011


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As Sarah Palin shows us, change is what we need. Change away from current political corruption back to the standards of liberty and freedom and integrity set forth by our country's founders.

I dislike it when the Right does it, and I sneer when the Left does it. Take someone's comment, and just rip it up without trying even a bit to understand what the speaker is trying to say.

Not slamming Ms. Willis, but that reviewer.

The obvious meaning of 'Undefeated' is from the idea 'you've not lost until you've given up'. But partisan hacks don't do obvious.

As to Sarah Palin getting in, oh, how I hope she does. I want her to win, and if she enters, she is going to be doing so with the full knowledge of the cost to herself and her family, and she will produce something wonderful in our nation.

Palin/Bachmann 2012 (for the ultimate 'girls wanna have fun' team, :) )

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