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September 21, 2011


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Everything happens for a reason? We're hard-wired to see patterns. Palin/Lieberman 2012?

And I'll remember that I heard it here first. Thank you Sissy!

And lets not forget, she did fantastic in that debate.

Judeo-Christian values are what gave us the freest most successful economic country to have graced this earth. Let us hope we are smart enough to elect those who will return us to those values. These values represent the accumulated wisdom of mankind on how we should live to attain the best there is.

I haven't heard this story before. Lieberman sounds like a decent, stand-up guy. He's an old-fashioned liberal Democrat, a throwback to the days before the party was taken over lock, stock, and barrel by the radical left. There's no question that he's a patriotic citizen who loves this country. I can disagree with his political views without thinking that he's some sort of demon or traitor.

I'm still hoping for Palin/West, though.

You never fail to inspire, delight, enrich and inform, dear Sissy. We need our Northern Light to shine down on us and when she does, it will be the right time, her time and the appointed time. During the Civil War, the Aurora Borealis actually made an appearance as far south as Fredericksburg,Virginia on the second day of the battle. These times are quite similar in many ways and there are things happening that we do not understand but in the fullness of time we will. If we don't stay faithful to what is right nothing will matter.

Mordecai was Esther's cousin. When Esther's parents were killed he raised her as his daughter, and she ended up being chosen as the wife of the king of Persia. When Mordecai learned of the plot to kill all the Jews in Persia, he got word to Esther and asked her to speak for their people, but there were two problems. One is that you were not allowed to go to the king unless you had been summoned. To do so meant you would be put to death. The other problem, was that Esther's identity as a Jew was unknown to the king who had agreed to the decree that all Jews should be killed. The story shows us how God does work through things we would never imagine to be to his purpose. Esther was very beautiful of course, and brave, so the comparison is a compliment, but it also speaks to the fact that there are bigger things going on then just what appears to be happening to us personally. Of course, the press managed to miss everything that was relevant in Lieberman's story. The downside for them is they are losing their credibility. Far fewer people today would state they trust old media. FWiW.

Tuesday, October 4th

Link on Drudge...

You gotta love Drudge's link..



And I do.

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