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September 07, 2011


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This is such a useless, senseless fight to be having, unless one is an Obama supporter, then it's great. Palin's timing is her own affair, and I just don't understand all the pundits and would-be pundits who are getting so worked up over her doing exactly what she said she'd do, which is wait until the end of September. At the same time, it helps no one for so many Palin-fans to go into a frothing fit at the least criticism of her. It's all distracting from the the real goal, which is getting Obama out of office.

...our blogfriend's preference for announced Lone-Star candidate Scott Perry vs our own first love,

So is "Scott Perry" a hybrid of Rick Perry and Scott Brown? :)

I'm OK with Palin's timing, too.

It's all part of marginalizing any Tea Party candidate early enough to take us out of the conversation. I never would have guessed that the "conservative" media would be such a tool for the GOP establishment but there they are, Hannity and the rest, enabling the Rovian progressives in wrecking any chance for conservatives to work within the party. Again.

It seems almost certain already that we conservatives are again going to be blamed for a GOP loss if we refuse to hold our noses to vote for either Rombama or Perrybush.

This would be a good time for Trump to again point out how beatable Obama is (as Hillary will show later) and how lame the GOP field is by getting back into the conversation. If the polls justify Trump entering to run independent (and they will) and he runs, the corrupt GOP establishment will have no one to blame but themselves. Of course, they will again blame us conservatives as they lose to Hillary.

On the other hand, Sarah could show some real brass and assume the space Trump graciously created for her. Running against two crony capitalists, she could win. (Rove and Coulter don't get to say who is electable and who isn't. Voters do.

Your point?

So not only is the GOP/RNC a bunch of tossers so are the big mouthed bottle blondes of the clan of the Progressive Republican. They're all a SFoaMF.

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