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August 01, 2011


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Spot on, especially the point about the system being intended to make serious change difficult. (Look at all the trouble the Democrats had shoving ObamaCare down our throats, and they had huge majorities in both chambers.) The proper perspective is to see this contest between visions (for that's what it is, at heart) as a sporting event, perhaps football: it's still early in the 1st half and, while we have the initiative and the (Social) Democrats are playing defense, there's still a lot of game left before we find out who wins.

There is a lesson here for those of you who wanted to Back Boehner.

Tea Drinkers tend to be cynical. Where is the big win for the Tea Party? No enforcement mechanism, no balanced budget amendment. No significant cut in spending. After calling the Tea Party out as Hobbits and other such names it is odd for the WSJ and others to suddenly turn on a dime and announce that the Tea Party has won. Could it simply be they want the Tea Party to think we have won and so then shut up? Are we being snookered?

Laura Lee: They may THINK they can snooker us, but the Tea Party's not for snookering!

Sissy: I like the way you THINK!

I like the way you both think! Mr. Fauxbama hasn't had a thought of his own since before his run for the presidency and he won't have one between now and Rat Retirement Day next November 2012! If he weren't so detrimental to my beloved nation, I'd find his bewilderment at his ongoing comeuppance somewhat amusing. Apparently he bought the narrative about himself entirely too well!

However, wounded animals can be deadly so let's watch him and his leftist cohorts VERY carefully between now and when we've moved them firmly off the stage!

I wish I were as confident as you guys are that the ship is actually getting turned around. It looks to me like it's just kinda listing to one side.

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