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August 24, 2011


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The magic of beloveds.

Aw, so sweet!

More vitreous humor from "The Sermon on the Muntin":

Glazing between four wind eyes of the souls,
Let us make cat in our own reflection!

"Life is a glass" at chez catus Domesticus: feline fenestral fantasy!

Chickelit: Feline and female created he them; and blessed them ...

Feline and female

Heh. I am FeMale (iron man)

Heh. I am FeMale (iron man)

Actually, cats are a compound of iron, lithium, and neon: FeLiNe. (They're strong, they're great mood stabilizers, and they certainly light up our lives!)

Touche' Connecticut Yankee--I can't top that one!

Connecticut Yankee is my new hero. She needs to meet Buddy and Rusty - the two marauders who grace my home. They are at present sitting nose to nose on the railing of my screened porch, staring intently into each other's eyes! They do this at least once per day and I've yet to discern what is going on with this! More inscrutable catability one would venture to guess! I just know they have calmed down from their Tuesday earthquake experience which discomfited Buddy not a wit and sent Rusty into a two hour huddle beneath my bed!

By popular acclaim, Connecticut Yankee and chickelit have been bumped up to the original post in an update. :) Thanks, everybody, for your fun and funny comments.

I hope all your hatches are battened down in advance of this weekend! Stay safe and dry!

The last pic of Tuc and LK "paw to paw" is now my desktop pic. Too heartwarming to ignore!

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