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August 13, 2011


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Here's hoping that the deterioration of our freedom and prosperity under the guidance of ignorant intellectuals will energize all of us to become seekers of wisdom and truth.

Her embrace of Cain tells us more about her discerning intelligence than anything else I can see. Clearly, Pawlenty has already read the writing on the wall. I loved Dennis Miller's suggestion that the only way he could gain sufficient attention to his cause was to moon his fellow candidates during the debate! Sometimes I wish he was related to me! I get discouraged sometimes but then goomp's words of wisdom energize my thought processes!

There are many explanations. One I like is the metaphor Palin the huntress. She knows how to wait and make the game come to her. She knows there is a time for action and a time to watch and wait.

Or this.

I think Palin decided to run a while ago. The present phase will end soon (She told Sky News in Iowa she has to announce in September – her words). Right now she is spending very little money, is not a target of attacks, has her freedom which she values, she is getting an enormous return on investment of time and money spent, her organizations grow and self organize with very little cost to herself in time and money, her forays in and out generate enormous publicity and positive spin. (See the large number of positive reports from both the right and even, hold on to your hats, PMSNBC just from this weekend). Knowledgeable commentators said that if Palin and her organization in Iowa had decided to win the straw poll they could have, they declined. They think winning the caucus is the prize. By the time she enters a decent chunk of the candidates will have all but eliminated themselves. (written before Pawlenty dropped out)

Sarah is grinning like a fox.

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