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August 21, 2011


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Hear, hear! But do remember that we are the bitchin' fighters we are because of that nasty phrase shoved up our noses.

My mother told me that we women got menstrual cramps and childbirth pain to offset the men going off to war! How's that a line to give our fighting women in Afghanistan and elsewhere?

My mother always wanted a girl and that's what she got. My father wanted a boy but discovered that girls can be fierce. By the time I was 5 or 6, he had taught me to fight (dirty) my older bullying male cousins and to fish and to hunt and to use a tractor in our one-acre WWII victory garden! He did, however, take my mother's side when she insisted I wear a dress to Mass on Sundays. My argument was that God wouldn't recognize me since he saw me in my jeans and overalls the entire rest of the week! My dad's argument was that my mother put up with a lot from me and that she deserved this one small victory. Why that worked, I have no idea, but it did! So scabby knees and grumpy attitude prevailed every Sunday until we got home from Mass and then back into my overalls for the rest of the day. I was such a lovely easygoing child! A belated but heartfelt apology to my late Mother; I still miss you and love you - 30 years after you left us.

I have 4 sons and three daughters and I love all of them. One of my sons is a Navy petty officer who is planning to go into the officer program. My toughest child, however, is my middle daughter, a Marine staff sergeant, who also is a CID officer.

She went into the Marines to show all of us who was the toughest. She did.

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