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August 19, 2011


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J-Pod is cool as penguin poop, but on this he's wrong.

If Palin gets in, Romney can just stick a fork in it. Hell, even Perry--who is not exactly a supremo conservative on some issues--has put a serious dent in the MittMaster.

Palin is a game-changer. The rest of the field would be just playing for the veep spot.

Too early to say anything about Romney if Palin comes in, but I hope to God you're right, @KingShamus. The media is set up to make people underestimate Palin's abilities while bringing up lesser candidate's virtues until they become "THE" candidate. Then it's back to bringing them down to Earth, kicking and screaming.

Whomever it is must realize, as the Ruling Class Republicans fail to do each and every time, that the MSM is NOT their friend.

KingShamus you are probably right based on the fact that the liberal scum have already started their despicable trashing of Trig Palin. They are so afraid of her that they will literally do anything, no matter how disgusting to try to derail her presidential run. Meanwhile, they are investigating Bachman back to her elementary school days but as yet we still don't know for sure what kind of grade The Won managed to achieve in college! Too bad the investigative digging is so one-sided, don't we all agree?

Mitt Romney needs to get a clue - we don't want him and he needs to go away. Likewise Newt who, although I adore him in many ways, is largely irrelevant and would be nearly as much of a disaster as President as the current incumbent! Newt, you are a brilliant theoretician but a lousy administrator.

Yes, Gayle we do agree about that.

Whether he likes it or not, Romney is clearly (and correctly) cast as the establishment's preferred candidate. 2010 showed us the electorate is not in the mood for more of the same. In 2008 people foolishly thought they were voting for change and they elected a JAP (Just Another Politician) who tripled down on the worst of the past decade with massive spending increases. In 2012 people are going to want REAL change and that will only come from someone who is willing to attack the status quo. That person is Sarah Palin. With Romney we'd still be heading the same bad direction. He'd merely slow the pace on the train heading towards debt oblivion.

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