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June 01, 2011


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The things that made the USA the freest and most prosperous country are there for all to see but to the intellectuals it is terrrifying to have it so simple and like Dr. K they refuse to see it. Let us give thanks that Sarah is relighting the way.

Krauthammer cannot "get out more" Sissy. It would shake his complacently settled view of the world! Much as I adore the man - and his brilliant mind - and much as I am of an age with the Northeast corridor fuddy-duddies, what has happened is that mentally I have remained fresh and young! I revel in the uproar and turmoil attendant since Mrs. Palin's arrival on the scene. May it continue long enough to dispose of all of those fusty mental midgets that the "Elite Media" is trying to foist on the right! The so-called front-runners are nothing more than the people being promoted in the media right now, much as they promoted John McCain in 2008. Once he had the nomination, they crucified him and that's what they'll do with the new Republican nominee - if they are permitted to do so.

Gayle: I couldn't have said it better myself. Have bumped your comments up to a new post: Krauthammer's Complaint.

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