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June 17, 2011


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Drives me nuts how certain twitterers ("tweeters?") will slander her as stupid for giving a garbled answer, yet blithely ignore interviews like this or the recent one with Chris Wallace where she's on top of her game.

Not to mention -- which they will NOT! -- stuff like John Kerry's getting the name of the Bruins goalie wrong when he called in to a local radio station yesterday. 57 states? You don't want to go there. :)

Sara Palin has withstood the most unrelenting assault on her intellect and character by the left-wing media that I have ever seen, and she has WON! Ever heard the term “Good prevailing over Evil.”

Gregory H. Bontrager

The second-best thing about a Palin presidency would be watching various left-wing heads explode.

(Your call for the first.)

Judge Andy! The Napster was a schoolmate of mine... but back then I thought he was being conservative just to stick it in the eye of all the hippie freaks.

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Well one of the best thing about a Palin presidency would be watching various left-wing heads explode...Pretty good post.

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