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June 01, 2011


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I usually like Dr. K, too; but when it comes to Palin or the Tea Party, he, like so many of the beltway in-crowd, has a huge blind spot. Remember how he and his fuddy-duddy pals poo-pooed the TPers when the movement got started? And then kept on poo-pooing them even when it became clear they weren't going away any time soon?

Dr. K and his pals like to talk about the electorate, as if they know our minds, but they've been behind the curve the whole way. At every step, they've misjudged. And they're the ones ostensibly on OUR side!!!

Dr. K can make all the smarty-smart pronouncements that he likes that Palin isn't electable. Just because he said it doesn't make it so.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can say, "Told you so!" to fuds like him...

Elaine, I like how you think! And thanks Sissy for your comments. They came after a particularly stressful day and helped make me feel a lot more positive. Hit a curb, tore a massive hole in my right rear tire, then AAA couldn't get their trucks into the garage where my car was parked to install the "donut". Finally, AAA sent someone competent and then the lobby guard in my building recommended the Midas Service Center located in Chinatown (Washington, D.C.) who stayed open past closing to accommodate my tire situation and made sure to install the right tires, properly, for not a horrendous amount of money! Then I got to drive 51 miles home in a hailstorm which, thankfully, abated 25 miles from home.

The kitties were waiting for me and I gratefully surrendered to purr-fect attention! After they got their supper, of course! Kitties have their priorities and it's a wise woman who caters to them.

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