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May 12, 2011


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Ignorance of the freedom of thought and of expression and of action that has made the USA the freest and most prosperous country that the world has know is the standard for leftists. Because of their
intellectual education they think they know what makes success. They don't have a clue, and if they are able rule us and force us to live by their standards, our future will be one of povety and slavery.

"The advance of freedom is the surest stratey" but we continue to shuffle around it as our enemies attack us headON with their ideology. When are we going to have a vote in the U.N. about the U.S. Consitutions First Amendment? Isn't it diametrically opposed to the 'freedom' (submission) that OIC countries are proposing daily, in every corner of the world, at every international meeting? NO aid, NO visas, NO food subsidies...NOTHING to countries that cannot support the First Amendment loudly!

Powerline has apparently forgotten about union busting, abolition, the KKK, border ruffians, Father Cochran, the Blue Eagle, the Red Scare...

When John says "This, as far as I know, is unprecedented in our modern history." I have to assume that by modern he means "sometime in the last 15 years".

And the second. And the third, and the fourth, and on down the line through the 10th. Add the 13th and 19th. We can argue about the rest.

The Arab uprising is a direct result of our attempts to debase our currency. Their inflation rates are skyrocketing the common Arab is starving which is why they are rioting. Well at least our Bankers are Ok.

The results of the Arab "spring" will be ugly. It is absurd to believe that democracy will result in anything but a radicalized ME.

As America slips under the icy waters faster than the Titanic, who will save us from President Obama and the Democratic Party? Open the telephone book and select any name at random and you will likely find a more competent leader then this bungling socialist the American people have placed in our White House.

Did Obama kill Osama? No. If not for the ground work of George Bush and Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden could have been living in Trump Tower and the Obama administration wouldn’t have had a clue.

Our brave Navy SEALs using information obtained from enhanced interrogation techniques and the polices of Bush/Cheney lead us to bin Laden. While the single greatest accomplishment of Obama is to take credit for the work of someone else.

You can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to blame everything on “eight years of Bush,” you have to give him credit for the demise of bin Laden too.


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