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May 07, 2011


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Communication between different species is so rewarding.

Welcome to the Little Kitteh!

OH, I like the profile on this one. Totally alert, and ready for her photo-op. She is demonstrating to you with her retrieving abilities and her "pouncing like Cato" skills that she's capable of your trust. There will never be a dull moment with this one but there will be a lot of love.

TLK has, as cats do, chosen you and Tuck for her humans and make no mistake, you had no choice in the matter. She is adorable. Love that little face. Love to your little "family" from my little family - me, Buddy and Rusty.

You shared some wonderful words of comfort with me when I lost my Samuel, and I've grieved with you over Tiny's passing. Now you have a new friend, who like our youngster Tobey (aka The Big Toebowski) has both love and energy to spare. One cannot replace the other, but they will find their own place in your heart in no time at all. Blessings to your family, and keep those pictures coming!

Been wondering about sweet Tiny's gentleman caller-- does the dashing Earl still come round for a visit? And has he met Little Cat?

Anyway, it's heartwarming to know that a new kitteh has come to brighten your life. I adopted a gray twelve-year-old in February-- she had been abandoned on a very busy downtown street on top of a large heap of snow and ice left behind by the snowplows. I named her Diana after my best friend from college, and she is surprisingly lively for her age (in fact I wonder whether the vet's age estimate might be wrong)-- loves to chase rattle balls, catnip toys, woolly mice, whatever. And just like Little Cat, Diana will bring the ball in her mouth to me with a RAWR! of triumph.

Long may Little Cat reign from the catbird seat!

Connecticut Yankee:

Earl still drops by for a nip but seems so sad. Where is the scent of his beloved? Little Cat watches him out the screened window. No formal introduction yet.

So glad you and Diana have found each other. :)

A fetching kitteh, in more ways than one! Glad you have this new angel to ease your sadness in losing your Angel.

Thank you, Kathy, for your sweet comments. :)

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