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May 21, 2011


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It seemed from the photos that Earl was giving Little K. a verbal exam. He looked quite skeptical. Will she win him over? She may have to resort to poetry.

One of my favorite Kate Greenaway poems from childhood:

The Cats Have Come To Tea

WHAT did she see–oh, what did she see,
As she stood leaning against the tree?
Why all the Cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out–from round about,
All the houses had let them out,
And here they were with scamper and shout.

"Mew–mew–mew!" was all they could say,
And, "We hope we find you well to-day."

Oh, what should she do–oh, what should she do?
What a lot of milk they would get through;
For here they were with "Mew–mew–mew!"

She didn't know–oh, she didn't know,
If bread and butter they'd like or no;
They might want little mice, oh! oh! oh!

Dear me–oh, dear me,
All the cats had come to tea.

Earl Grey is a very handsome fellow and a gal could do worse, doncha know! I love LK but miss our Tiny angel girl!

Buddy and Rusty send their love to LK with best wishes on his new, cushy home. They too can appreciate how nice it is to be cosseted and pampered all the time!

Sis, you're claiming you can tame the savage breast, instead of the more common savage beast. That's a tough one to pull off.

I enjoyed your cat piece. And the photos! Where would I be, where would I be, if I couldn't come by and read about those cats? It's good fun for us!

Love the poem, Laura Lee!

Gayle: We'll always miss our angel baby, but Little Kitteh -- she's a girl! -- is doing her darnedest to comfort us.

nicholas: Thanks for your kind thoughts. As for savage "breast," better ask William Congreve. :)

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