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May 03, 2011


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this is turning into the liberal equivalent of jessica lynch story.

the supporting evidence to the growing liklihood that the obama admin was sitting on ubl, and got nervous, is to be found in the wikileaks release of the courier's name, days before the op proceeded.

starting to resent the admin, further, for keeping the photo/video private. how long can the govt go on demonstrating that they are the 'haves', and the american public is the 'have-nots'.

it's not like this is a new policy for them.

Let us hope that we the People can wrest the narrative from those who would control us.

I want to see President Obama gone in January of 2013, but this is his moment and our moment and I would just like to enjoy it for now. And, I think George W Bush did the right thing to not go, showing he is a class act. There will be time enough for politics later.

Regards — Cliff

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