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May 02, 2011


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It is only logical for the those who are dedicated to their beliefs. "Think as I do or die."

Clearly these men rejected Horace Greeley's famous phrase: "Go Western Young Man."

'LOVE it, chickelit!

Maybe he liked boys better? Not every man finds women attractive...

It seems obvious to me that most Arab men are AFRAID of women - maybe because they harbor fears that they cannot cope - so to speak! For example, Omar Sharif never seemed troubled by such fears - quite the contrary!

Can't see why that is news. A large number of Arab/Muslim men, especially of that generation or older, wouldn't look at a woman in short skirt, or other 'scanty' clothing so hardly makes him unique. They're clearly not afraid of women, it's just cultural. And in some cultures not speaking to women who aren't relations (other than a wife of course) is considered wrong. Very different from our culture but hardly unique to A al-Zawahiri.

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