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April 07, 2011


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Oh, Sissy, I'm so sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences. May your memories of Tiny bring you consolation, together with the knowledge that you gave her a good life full of care and love.

I am so sorry Sissy. Baby and Tiny were bright lights in this ungrateful world. To see the love that you so obviously felt for them displayed so artistically with your beautiful photography kept me coming back to sisu time and time again.

It grieves me that I am so late.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Over the years I have so enjoyed reading about the Chelsea grays and viewing your beautiful photographs of them.

Thank you for your kind words. We are filled with sadness, but the new Little Cat who showed up on our doorstep just before Christmas is doing her best to comfort us with her antics.


I am so sorry to hear of Tiny's passing. I hope there is peace in your memories of her. She was a lovely girl.

I just read the news at the Carnival of the Cats, so sorry for your loss. Tiny was a light in the blogosphere. I always enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of Tiny and Baby and reading of their exploits.

So sorry for your loss .. thank you for sharing your kitties and kitty love - I first came to your site via some kitty connection ... and have enjoyed ever since.

I'm so sorry Sissy. I have gotten so behind in everything lately I am only now getting around to checking on what I missed the last couple of weeks and I find the heartbreaking news.

I know like Baby, you will always miss your Sweet Tiny Pea. She was certainly a fighter and, being a cat, always capturing the heart with her antics.

Hi Auntie Sissy! I know this is so late, but after finishing classes and finals on Friday I am finally catching up with all my blogs. I know this is a month overdue, but I am so sorry to hear about you loss. There is nothing worse in the world than the loss of a pet because they truly become a member of the family. I hope you memories with her make you smile. Her presence will certainly be missed at the holidays.

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