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April 07, 2011


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My condolences Sissy! Very sad to hear it.

Sorry to hear that. Wife and I lost three geriatric kitties over about a year's time about two years ago, and that was very tough, so I know how it feels.

Ohhhhhh...that is just the WORST. So sorry.

I'm so sorry, Sissy. It's so sad to lose such an important part of your family! We've gone through it way too many times with our kitties and dogs. And it never gets easier.

Condolences Sissy.

We've lost two cats over the years: a brother and sister adopted in Denver and transported to California. One died a violent accidental death and the other was lost in a still unsolved disappearance.

As a child I lost two dogs: the first by a violent death in the street under the wheels of speeding car when I was 6 (I wish I hadn't seen that but I did). The second, a beloved replacement, died of old age. We remember them all according to how they lived and died. In that way they are no different than people.

I'm so sorry, Sissy. This is never ever easy.

May happy memories of beautifull Tiny help soothe the loss of your dear friend.

Awe. it is always sad to see our furry friends go.
They truly become part of the family.

I am so, so sorry.

P.S. That "Rembrandt" pic is magnificent.

Sissy, losing a pet is a tough thing. My condolences, mi amiga. Remember the great times you had with your kitty companion.

Friends like that are impossible to replace. I'm so sorry.

So very sorry to hear such sad news, dear Sissy. Such beautiful pictures, but heartbreaking to lose her.

Oh, Sissy...I am sorry to read this. How well I know this sense of loss. We have been through this several times with feline companions; the pain is always rich and deep, and incredibly surprising each time it happens.

Thank you for sharing this tribute to Tiny. The Rembrandt photo is stunning, and you are right: cats see things we do not. In fact, I am convinced they are not of this world.

Sending condolences.

Sissy, I am so sorry to hear about sweet Tiny's passing. I lost my beloved Princess (not quite 15 at the time) February a year ago to a ruptured spleen. My only comfort was that she let me know she was leaving me-- she woke me in the wee hours with an outcry (the vet said that she would have felt one sharp cramp and then lost consciousness very quickly)-- so I ran to her and got to stroke and hold her as she died. And at least Princess spared me having to make the decision every pet lover dreads.

Thank you for sharing Tiny and her brother Baby Cakes (and Earl Grey too) with us over the years. Those pictures of Tiny in ecstasy remind me of the light perpetual that shines for her now and will never fade. Requies-cat in pace.

Oh, no. I'm so very sorry, Sissy.

Sorry to hear of your loss, Sissy. Your memorial to Tiny is beautiful. Thanks.

Cats have 10 lives...the 10th is our memory of them.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Seems your kitty had lots of kitty SISU. May she rest well on The Great Sofa in the Sky.

We'll be with our beloved lost when we too cross the Rainbow Bridge, but in the meantime, the memory of Sweet Tiny will remain with all of us - including those who never met her except through the loving and perceptive eyes of her beloved Sissy and Tuck. I understand the grief and I hope that in time it will be tempered by memories of the joy she gave you! She was a remarkable creature and much cherished by all.

Thank you. Waves of sadness and remembrance.

Although I never met Tiny face-to-face, she has been a part of my life for many years, thanks to the medium of blogging and the power of the Internet. Our lives will be the poorer for her passing, but we will have so many happy moments to look back on thanks to your talent for finding beauty in unexpected places.

"Cats have 10 lives … the 10th is our memory of them."

I will remember that.

Thank you for sharing them with us as we slowly lose our own.


Sissy & Tuck I am so sorry to hear this. Thanks for sharing through your photos.

Sissy and Tuck

I'm late hearing the sad news. I know how much Tiny meant to you especially after the loss of Baby.

I'm sorry for your loss

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