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April 29, 2011


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I didn't watch the wedding this morning, but after seeing flashes of it on the news, I wish I had watched it. As a good Catholic, I enjoy and respect pageantry, and this event had it in spades. The beautiful music, the architecture of the cathedral, the happy and orderly crowds, the attire and varied uniforms all signifying order, hierarchy, symmetry, beauty - it's the sort of event that says there is order in the world and the adults are in charge again.

Very astute, Miss Kelly. Have added your comments in an update.

I hauled out of bed at my usual disgustingly early hour and watched (over a bracing cup of coffee) most of the ceremony and found it to be beautifully fusty and charming. Catherine looked exquisite and happy and the loving looks directed at her now-husband were in no way feigned in my opinion. Neither too were the looks sent her way by her engagingly handsome Prince.

Must say though that, true to my cantankerous nature, I think Prince Harry is much more interesting than his dutiful older brother. There's that hint of mischief that endears Buddy the cat to me as well! Actually, their coloring is similar!

People just like to be contrary, Ms. Sissy. They think it makes them look smarter if they express negativity toward sweet and sentimental occasions, when in fact, it just makes them look like grumpy fools!

I agree re Harry. They say older brother Wills had to grow up fast when things went bad ... Younger Harry could still do as he pleased ... Probably innate temperamental differences too.

Millions of people the world over enjoyed the splendor and the happiness of the Royal marriage. Sourpuss media were jealous and expressed their ignorance as they always do.

I actually enjoyed watching the ceremony on Fox. They kept their mouth shut.

I was in England back when one of the Royals was in trouble, and there was a series of photographs of Diana, Charles, William, Harry, Diana's paramour Hewitt and Charles flame Camilla. The paper just happened to put the photos of Harry next to Hewitt, with both of them looking up to the left... There is very little doubt that Harry is NOT Charles' son. The paper never came out and said that, but they found a photo of Hewitt from when he was 19 or so, and the one of Harry from when he was 18 and they are obviously father and son.
I have a great deal of respect for how the Royals have handled it, though. They just pretend it isn't so and it isn't an issue.

It was a truly beautiful and momentous occasion in british history, I hope every one enjoyed it as much as the English did.

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