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April 03, 2011


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Interesting, though for those of us who study the natural world and have nuanced views of matters the world is a lot more complicated than a simplistic and rigid "competitive or not competitive" dichotomy. The left and right are both fraught with cases of simplistic misinterpretation of science to support their self-serving agendas.

Uh, oh. "Nuanced views". You've given yourself away as a person of the left. :)

I am a lifelong amateur naturalist with quite a bit of academic biology, botany and natural systems studies along the way.

It's true that some spin narratives based upon junk science. AGW comes to mind.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

My worry is that too many people take what the MSM has to say as the truth and don't think things through to the conclusions that their reason would show to be the truth.

Oh, the left is just as bad. Multiculturalists, especially, ignore human nature, including, as your post suggests, the competitive urge. A lot of biology and genetic studies simply don't get done because they would tweak politically correct and mulitcultural norms.I am just not a fan of using organic biological cases and then applying them to social constructs like "economy".

But one can interpret organismal behavior to support anything. Ant behavior can be used to support collectivism OR royalism, for instance! :-) There are plenty of behaviors in humans that human-hating leftists will claim only exists in humans (slavery, for instance, which, coincidentally, occurs in some interspecific ant interactions) that do in fact occur in animals, depending, of course, upon how you construct those arguments.

I have a biology degree myself and remain an amateur herpetologist. I'd like to learn more about plants.

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