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April 23, 2011


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Yet life with pain is more rewarding than life without love.

Sissy, have you and Tuck decided on a new tree to plant?

My mother used to say that without the pain, you wouldn't be able to appreciate the joy. I told her I was willing to make that sacrifice! One of the many times she slapped me upside the head!

Of course she was right, but the loss of dear Tiny still resonates with those who loved her (and you and Tuck, her beloved staff). I'm still mourning the loss of Sam the Wonder Cat although I must say, the pain is somewhat ameliorated by the antics of the Weird Brothers, Buddy and Rusty, who get funnier with every passing day!

Still missing Tiny's silky sweet presence as I move through the days. It's true that Little Cat -- possibly officially named Attila the Hon (Tillie for short) for her tendency to go for the jugular -- is helping us deal with our loss through her non-stop antics.

Great minds must think alike... for without having read this post, I expressed a similar sentiment in the penultimate paragraph of this piece over at my site.

Miss Kelly: Haven't decided ... Any thoughts?

Elisson: The meaning of bittersweet.

Such a great shame, From what I can tell it was beautiful specimen.

Well the one way you've got to look at is that you've got some nice firewood now.

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