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April 15, 2011


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Facing the world as it is takes courage and concentration. Let us hope we have both and take the time to see this movie and profit by its picture of truth.

"...philosophically and emotionally refreshed" is exactly the way I felt at 3 p.m. in Methuen. I expected the movie to be correct, but I didn't expect it to be good. Great review, Sissy. I second your emotions.

I didn't speak to any of the other 20 or so moviegoers, but I have never been so intensely curious and tuned in to those around me in a theater. Why were they there? Who were they? I could tell by audience response that we were simpatico - hated the same bad guys, loved the same good guys. (It was a bit old Hollywood that way.)

The train scene is wonderful of course, and I was fuming with rage at the union scene, but my favorite was the jewelry exchange, metal for diamonds. Such a simple, poignant moment of recognizing worth.

THANK YOU for posting - we've been all over this on Common Cents

Saw the film earlier today. Brilliant! Beautiful. And timely. Everyone associated with the film deserves our heartiest congratulations and thanks!

Great review, Sissy!

I have to see it again, because I saw it when I'm normally sleeping and was really tired. I missed the moment that Dagney took the bracelet! *bang head*

Yes, it is worth seeing again! Especially the ending!

There was a whoop from the crowd and enthusiastic applause at the end of the 10:35AM showing in KC, MO. I didn't take a head-count, but a guess would be 25-35 people - many more than I'm used to seeing at that time of day during the week for a movie.

I thought it was fantastic. Out here in Oregon, similar experience with that knowing grin on the faces of attendees.

Avid Atlas Shrugged fan for decades, but haven't seen the movie yet since most films don't do the book justice. However, will see it based on comments here.

Believe it or not Atlas Shrugged was a big influence in my seeing through the lies of government and the mainstream media.

Know the true meaning of our Constitution and its destruction by the oligarchy of banksters and big corporate monopolies through their special interest bribes of our elected.

Go John Galt and you too Ron Paul.

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